Work to Workout

Bag lady you gon’ hurt your back, dragging all them bags…

Most of us are guilty for being that bag lady. We have a ton of stuff to carry when going through our day. We have a purse, a lunch sack, a workout bag and sometimes an extra bag for something else you might need in a busy day.


We incorporate time for our workout either at the start of the day and then head to work, or finish work and head to the gym or for some, workout during work on a break. In all circumstances, there is a high chance you will be carrying all those bags with items you need for your day. Those of us whose schedule are work to workout realize the importance of their gym bags. We all want one that is stylish but also one that can fit everything that we need!

Selecting your Gym Bag

When we are going from work to workout or workout to work, we want to ensure our gym bag is suitable and reflective of the style and personality of the person who is carrying it.

Your choice of gym bag could differ depending on your work environment whether, the work environment requires casual, business casual or formal business entire. Also keep in mind the items you need in your day. The below items may vary depending on what you do at the gym and how much you eat.

Purse/Murse items

Makeup (Chapstick), wallet, keys


Snacks, lunch, dinner, water bottle


Gym clothes, work clothes, change of shoes, towel


Phone, iPod + headphones, laptop

Gym Equipment

Mat, stretching straps, wrist/ankle straps, workout notes


Recommended options for all

Your gym bag should inspire you to get fit! Never let your boring or germ infested gym bag be the reason for skipping a workout.

Check out these stylish gym bags:


The Yoga Bag



This stylish yoga is great to go to + from yoga and to + from work. This bag has a super wide opening to fit almost all mat sizes and several pockets to reduce the number of bags we take with us.


This bag has:

  •      An interior pocket to hold your water bottle
  •      An exterior zippered pocket to keep your sweaty gear separate
  •      A great fitness feature of a removable strap which doubles as a stretching strap
  •      Mesh perforations for ventilation
  •      And has been tested to hold about 50 lbs!
  •      Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 74 cm

Legend Club Print Duffel Bag



This perfect size duffel bag can be hand-held, swung over the shoulder, or worn across the body. This water-resistant bag is great for all weathers and types of commutes to work.


This bag has:

  •      Durable, water-resistant fabric helps keep gear dry and protected
  •      Double-grip handles and detachable shoulder strap for versatile transport
  •      Mobile stash pocket and multiple interior pockets for versatile storage
  •      Dual-zip main compartment for secure, spacious storage
  •      Water-repellent fabric to offer several storage options
  •      Dimensions: 58 cm x 22 cm x 27 cm

The Pockets Backpack



This sporty backpack has all the pockets to hold your essential for your day.  It is spacious and puts everything in its place included a padded laptop pocket for those who carry a laptop from work to workout.

bag 3

This bag has:

  •      A multi-pocket pack with plenty of carry space.
  •      Zip main compartment; Inside organiser; Inner slip-in padded laptop compartment; Front zip pockets
  •      Adjustable padded shoulder straps with plastic buckles; Carry loop on top
  •      Breathable air mesh back panel
  •      Dimensions: 17 cm x 32 cm x 52 cm

The Heritage Grip Bag



This bag has been said to have a long history and bright future. The design of this bag is very straightforward. It is great for the business casual to business work environments. A great staple for years to come!

bag 4

This bag has:

  •      Durable construction which is how it got its name “Heritage”
  •      Two-way zip opening into large main compartment
  •      Internal laptop and tablet sleeves
  •      Internal zip pockets and slip-in pockets
  •      Woven carry handles
  •      Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  •      46 cm X 33 cm X 20 cm


Being Prepared

It often helps to decide on what you need for your day and prepare it all the night before. If you pack your gym bag the night before and have it ready and waiting for you, it will remind you of your dedication to working out and getting to the gym before, after or during work.


Gym Bag Keepers

Everyone’s bag will be reflective of the style and personality of the person who is caring it but there are a few items that should be a keeper in your gym bag.

These are some items you will need no matter what style you choose:

  1.     Workout clothes: fitted clothing like a tight pair of workout pants that just scream “work it”
  2.     Good shoes: Rock those great colours, keep them fresh and comfortable
  3.     Towel: Sweat out the days stress but wipe it away as being sweaty would be gross and leaving that behind for the next person using the machine would not be pleasant
  4.     Water bottle: Keep a water bottle handy. Who wants to put their hand on the sweaty water fountain button?!
  5.     Workout notes: Quick and easy notes, whether it is a notebook covered in sweat and chalk or an app or workout plan
  6.     Headphones: Drown out the grunting and distractions, store your favourite music to keep you entertained and pumped during your workout



  •      Reduce the number of bags you take by choosing a bag that holds the item you need for your day.
  •      Keep your work environment in mind.
  •      Pack your bag the night before. This ensures you are ready for the gym the next day. No excuses!
  •      Make sure your gym bag is reflective of your style and personality.

Going from work to workout can be difficult.  Your day is complex, with all that you have in your schedule. Your gym bag has a lot of influence on your motivation to get the gym early before work, after a long and busy day at work, or on a break during work. Selecting the right gym bag for yourself can make the work to workout transition that much easier! Be organized, prepared and look great with a stylish gym bag at work!


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