Cake face for a workout

How much makeup is too much makeup during exercise?

On a daily basis, most of us use makeup to enhance our beauty. Sometimes our makeup can be on our face from the start of the day to the end of the day, from workout to work or vice versa. Whether we start our day with a workout, workout at lunch or after work, mixing sweat and heavy makeup is never a good idea. There are some makeup looks that have no place in the gym- e.g. smoky eye, vampy looks, contouring, and heavy foundation but most of the time we don’t want to go out without makeup. With that said, there is a high likelihood that you find yourself working out with a full face of longwear makeup. Here are some top tips which are my secret weapons that you will want to consider in your makeup routine when working out.

The extensive amount of products and variety of cosmetics in the market today can be overwhelming –  keep things simple! The fewer products used, the less touch up and smudging you have to worry about. When you get sweaty at the gym, the last thing you want to worry about is runny eyeliner or smeared mascara. Wearing makeup could be so ingrained in our daily routine, that we forget what impact it could have during a workout. Remember working out isn’t a beauty competition! If you can wash your face before your workout or after your workout before your skin cools down, do it! It can prevent many of the negative impacts listed below.

Some negative impacts of wearing makeup at the gym are:

  • Acne breakouts, inflammation and blemishes from makeup clogging open pores           when the body warms up.
  • Causing wrinkles to stand out when makeup softens (when you sweat) and then  re- solidifies around creases (when the body cools).
  • Looking like a clown if your makeup smears, runs or smudges. Heavy makeup slides right off the face when you’re sweaty and that might not be very attractive. You never know who you might run into.
  • Leaving makeup behind on unwelcome places such as towels and equipment-                 not to mention the transfer of bacteria!


In order for your body to be able to self regulate and cool down during a workout, pores should be open. Our skin wants to breathe. Makeup creates a barrier over the skin then when you workout, the makeup mixes with sweat and oils and congests the pores.  Thus, wearing makeup while perspiring can clog your pores and create unnecessary breakouts. My recommendation is to remove all makeup before working out. If you don’t need makeup, don’t wear it! Sweat mixed with makeup is an ideal environment for acne. In general,  it is better to use high coverage products just where it’s needed and avoid heavy-coverage longwear foundations and compacts (not just during workouts!). If a bare face at the gym is not an option, keep your makeup light.

Below are my top tips to help alleviate those acne breakouts, smudges and smears and prevent revealing embarrassing lines and raccoon eyes. The regimen includes using BB cream, a brow filler, waterproof mascara, and lip tint.

Workout beauty regimen and tips:

  1. Use a BB cream with SPF  instead of a foundation. Sometimes sweat with foundation on can look immediately gross and pasty providing a chalky look. Aim for a glowing look because a matte finish is just not going to happen through all the sweat.
  2. Use eyebrow filler. The big brow is back and sporting all over red carpets. A filled in eyebrow is a great alternative to keeping a defined face. Sometimes all it takes is a neat thicker eyebrow to enhance your look providing a strong and healthy appearance.
  3. Use waterproof, silicone-based mascara. This option has less waxes and oils. Therefore it is less likely to smear on the skin, darkening around the eyes like a racoon.
  4. Use lip tint instead of lip gloss or lipstick. How many of us have tried wearing that sticky lip gloss that hair just sticks to as soon as it touches the corner of your lip? Lip tint provides great pigment and remains dry to prevent smudging.
  1. No need for blush or rouge. During a workout, we naturally warm up the body creating a natural blushing tone to the cheeks. The workout itself can enhance natural beauty without makeup or other cosmetics.
  2. Apply blotting sheets to the T zone. It is a great way of removing oiliness and shine from the face. Wiping the sweat from your face with a towel and getting a towel soiled with makeup is no fun and can be embarrassing. Instead try patting your face down versus rubbing it.

Cosmetics should never be an obstruction between you and exercise. There is no need to feel guilty if wearing makeup during workouts makes you comfortable and has not provided any negative impacts. With this regimen and tips, continue with the beauty routine that makes you feel exquisite and confident.Copy of _DSC7745


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