Rock the Crop Top

How to Rock the Crop Top even with a Tummy

This article is catered to all the beautiful ladies who are perfectly healthy but may not be comfortable in investing in clothes that they think are meant for flat-stomached skinny women. I’m not going to bore you with an inspirational dialogue. There are plenty of quotes out there to do that!

Evidently, high-waist pants are ideal to hide the muffin top or love handles. But, here are two ways to rock the crop top:


Keep it loose, but the bottoms [pants] tight.

This will literally hide all the fat – including the back fat and big tummy!

IMG_6380 - red

Keep it tight, but the bottoms loose.

Remember, the pants should be high-waisted! Of course, this option may not be ideal for everyone as it does show the bra bulge if you have back fat. But if you’re carrying most of the fat on the lower abs, then this option is perfect!


Although there are many different ways to wear a crop top, these are just some casual options. At the end of the day, wear what makes you comfortable and wear it with confidence!


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